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Major Democracies by World Region
“Major Democracies”, defined as:
1) Freedom House Score on Political Rights in 2004 of either 1 or 2
2) Population in 2004 of more than 1 million

Americas 13 Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic,
El Salvador, Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, United States, Uruguay
Europe 26 Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia,
Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia,
Lithuania, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia,
Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
Asia-Pacific 11 Australia, India, Israel, Japan, Mauritius, Mongolia, New Zealand,
Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand
Africa 8 Benin, Botswana, Ghana, Lesotho, Mali, Namibia, Senegal, South Africa
Total 58  
Supranational Assemblies   European Parliament, United Nations General Assembly

Note: important semi-democratic countries that are excluded because of low political freedom scores in 2004 (FH score):
Bangladesh (4) Nigeria (4)
Bolivia (3) Papua New Guinea (3)
Colombia (4) Paraguay (3)
Ecuador (3)* Romania (3)
Gambia (4) Russia (6)*
Georgia (3) Serbia and Montenegro (3)
Guatemala (4)* Sri Lanka (3)
Indonesia (3) Trinidad and Tobago (3)
Kenya (3) Tanzania (4)
Malaysia (4) Turkey (3)
Malawi (4) Ukraine (4)*
Mozambique (3) Venezuela (3)
Nicaragua (3)* Zambia (4)
Niger (3)  

* cases were roll-call voting data have been collected

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