VoteWorld Program Functionality

Here is a list of the functions and commands that can be performed in VoteWorld.

On the main screen:

-view politician statistics (press STATS)

-zoom in/out, pan, and reset the view (RESET, PAN, ZOOM IN/OUT buttons)

-view next/previous vote (NEXT/PREVIOUS buttons)

-open ideological map window (IDEOLOGICAL MAP button)

-open search window (press SEARCH)

-open 3D histogram (3D HISTOGRAM button)

-select browsing of searched votes (BROWSE SEARCH RESULTS checkbox)

-select gradient shading (USE GRADIENT SHADING checkbox)

-select year/vote to view by browsing lists (YEAR/VOTE/SEARCHED VOTE RESULTS)

-rollover country to view vote break down in pie graph


On the Ideological Map Window

-zoom/pan/rest and full screen options

-print screen option (press PRINT)

-highlight politicians by selecting names (ALL POLITICIANS list)

-highlight politicians by searching by names (SEARCH text field)

-highlight politicians by searching by party/group/state/region as available (SELECT BY drop down lists)

-cancel highlighting (press CLEAR SEARCH)

-select token type to view as available (PARTY/GROUP/STATE/REGION radio buttons)

-select view by seating chart or DW-Nominate scores as available (VIEW SEATING CHART checkbox)

-rollover tokens to view politician name


On the search window

-search for and select votes by keyword across all sessions

-select votes by browsing all available sessions and votes lists

--once votes are selected using above two choices, press DONE to continue

-select votes for crosstab analysis to observe similarity or differences in voting on two separate issues (press CROSSTAB after selecting two votes)

-select votes to compare expected voting behavior using a score out of 100% (press RATING after selecting more than one vote)

-open track politician window to view politicians voting behavior on all issues they presided over (press TRACK POLITICIAN after selecting more than one vote)

-select all votes/ all searched votes/ and clear selections


On Keyword Search Window

-enter boolean searches

-save search as a bookmark for later use (press BOOKMAR THIS QUERY AND SEARCH)

-open previous bookmarked search (press OPEN BOOKMARK)


On Output Data Window

To extract the raw data and view in an EXCEL file, open the search window, select a few votes and press

OUTPUT DATA. This will present a screen where the user can select which data fields to write to the file.


On Track Politician Window

-search for politician by name or browsing, click on name to view voting behavior


On Rating Window

The Rating option provides the option to score politicians based on how frequently they vote as expected on an issue. Votes are first assigned an expected score based on a manual entry by the user (by selecting votes and pressing TOGGLE SCORE to change between YAE/NAE) or automatically by the program (by pressing AUTO SCORE where the YAE/NAE vote is assigned according to how many Left or Right MP's voted on the issue). Each legislator's actual vote is then compared to this expected vote. A higher score indicates observance of voting as expected, while a lower score indicates departure from expected voting.


On 3D Histogram Window

The 3D Histogram takes the two dimensional space (from -1 to 1 on the x,y axis) from the ideological map shows the concentration of politicians within a set portion of the space using a stack column representation. This is an alternate view of how many Left/Right or North/South politicians vote within a grid of the DW-Nominate score space.

-zoom in/out and pan (adjust green slider)

-adjust lighting/shading (adjust sliders)

-toggle between 2D/3D and Stack Bar/Stack Colum option ( right click on graph)

-rotate graph (press Cone Shaped icon, adjust speed with odometer icon)

-toggle wireframe/filled bar (press globe with latitude/longitude lines)





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