Animate v.2004

Download VoteWorld

Unlike other applications, VoteWorld doesn't require a separate download procedure. Thanks to Java Web Start, VoteWorld is automatically downloaded to your Java cache the first time you run VoteWorld online (from one of the provided links), and you're always gaurenteed to get the latest updates automatically each time you run VoteWorld online. If you are not connected online, you can still run VoteWorld by following these steps:

1) Search for "javaws" or "java web start" on your computer and launch the executable. Some installations of Java will provide a shortcut to "Java Web Start" on your desktop and you can launch this as well.

2) The Java Web Start Application Manager will open and you will be able to view the versions of VoteWorld you previously launched. Click on your desired version and click on "Run" or "Start". That's all there is to it.