VoteWorld Program Overview

VoteWorld is software designed to manipulate legislative roll call data and is based on the original design of VoteView. Click here to view the function description. The data currently available with VoteWorld is all individual roll call votes in the United States House of Representatives and Senate for the first 106 Congresses (1789-2000), in the European Parliament for the first 5 parliaments (1979-2004), and in the United Nations for the first 57 sessions (1946-2003); geographic representations of the roll calls by state (and in the case of the US by district); ideological animations of the roll calls; codebooks with descriptive information on the roll calls; codings of the roll calls into thematic and topical categories; and the Poole-Rosenthal DW-NOMINATE ideological scores for members.

The software provides a display of any vote either on a geographic map or on a spatial map based on DW-NOMINATE scores. Users can search for roll calls either sequentially or by use of the pre-set categories or by user-generated key word searches. The displays also permit cross-tabulations of two votes, even in different sessions of the same legislature. VoteWorld also shows party breakdowns on a vote. Users can either print the roll-call voting data or write it to a spreadsheet ready file. Maps can also be printed. Users can also select a set of votes and generate "ratings" for legislators or track an individual's voting records.

There are two softwares of the VoteWorld project that are now available for users.
The "VoteWorld Online" version is a Java based implementation that can be run from your browser and contains the most recent versions of data sets. NOTE: Users should note the datasets for the US House version of the program, however, are limited to the last few years in this version. For sessions before the 103rd session, users should use the "VoteWorld for PC" version.
The "VoteWorld for PC" version is a Windows only implementation that can be downloaded and run from your PC as an application.

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